Cottage Kitchen Cupboards

Cottage Kitchen Cupboards: The Heart of Your Rustic Home

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home, and for a good reason. It’s often the central gathering place for family and friends, and it’s where we nourish our bodies and souls. If you’re lucky enough to own a cottage or a cabin, then your kitchen is even more special. Cottage-style kitchens are cozy, welcoming, and warm. They feature a mix of rustic charm and vintage elegance that makes them unique. One of the most important elements in achieving this style is selecting cottage kitchen cupboards that match your aesthetic.

Why Cottage-Style Cupboards are Different

Cottage-style cupboards differ from modern ones in several ways. For one thing, they tend to have more character than their contemporary counterparts. Instead of being sleek and minimalist, they’re designed to look like they’ve been a part of the home for generations. They often have distressed finishes or vintage hardware that makes them feel charmingly old-fashioned.

Another key difference is functionality. In modern kitchens, cupboards often have pull-out drawers or fancy storage solutions built-in. In contrast, cottage-style kitchens tend to use open shelving or glass-fronted cabinets that showcase crockery and other belongings without hiding them away.

Finally, color plays an essential role in creating a cohesive look in cottage-style kitchens. Traditionally designed with soft hues like cream, pale green or blue gray rather than stark white or bold primary colors.

Features of Cottage Kitchen Cupboards

One of the trademark features of cottage kitchen cupboards is their shabby-chic appearance – meaning they look old but not rickety or dilapidated just well-loved over time with scratches & dents being used as part of their charm rather than trying to hide them away.

Other typical characteristics include:

1) Natural wood texture: wood brings life and warmth into any space; therefore solid wood cabinets are an ideal choice for a cottage-style kitchen.

2) Distressed Finish: This style gives the cupboards a weathered look that will complement your overall rustic theme. With the right finish, your cupboards will look like they’ve been handed down from generation to generation.

3) Open Shelving: Cottage-style kitchens typically feature open shelves instead of closed cabinets since they’re great for displaying dishes, cookware, and other items. Unlike cabinets that are entirely closed and allow little light inside making items harder to find, open shelves give you easier access to items & make them visible to guests who can appreciate their beauty.

4) Vintage Hardware: Cottage kitchen cupboards typically have vintage hardware such as brass handles or wrought iron knobs that give an aged and antique look. This element is key in creating a timeless design that goes well with rustic themes.


If you’re looking to create a cozy and welcoming kitchen in your cottage, then choosing the right cupboards is essential. Cottage-style cupboards are unique because they’re designed to be functional yet charming simultaneously. From their distressed finishes to their vintage hardware, these elements all work together to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that feels like home.

So next time you decide on renovating your cottage kitchen consider incorporating some of these charming elements in your cupboard designs and transform your cooking space into the heart of your home!

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