Diy Indoor Herb Garden

If you love cooking with fresh herbs, but don’t have a garden or outdoor space to grow them, why not create your own DIY indoor herb garden? Not only will it add a touch of green to your home, but you’ll have fresh herbs at your fingertips whenever you need them. Here’s how to create your own indoor herb garden.

1. Choose the Right Herbs

The first step is to choose the herbs you want to grow. Some of the most popular options for indoor herb gardens include basil, thyme, chives, oregano, parsley and mint. Make sure you choose herbs that will thrive in an indoor environment and ones that you use regularly in your cooking.

2. Find the Right Location

Next, find the right location for your herb garden. Most herbs need plenty of sunlight to grow well so look for a spot in your home that gets at least six hours of sunlight each day. If you don’t have a sunny window sill then invest in some artificial grow lights that can help supplement natural light.

3. Choose Containers

Choose containers based on the size of each herb plant and their root systems. Small containers work well for smaller plants while larger containers are better suited for larger plants such as basil or oregano.

4. Soil and Fertilizer

Herbs need good drainage so make sure pots have drainage holes at the bottom before adding potting soil or compost mixes made specifically for container gardening.
Fertilizer or plant food can be added periodically (every two weeks) depending on instructions provided by each manufacturer.

5. Watering

Watering technique is important as over watering can cause roots to rot or under watering can cause leaves to wilt; avoid these issues by keeping soil evenly damp but not too wet/dry – A general rule is to stick finger into soil about an inch deep and water when it feels dry/semi-dry as needed!

6. Harvesting

Herbs are very resilient plants that actually benefit from regular harvesting – it encourages new growth and helps maintain a healthy, bushy plant. As a rule of thumb, pick no more than 1/3 of the plant at once, leaving enough leaves to keep growing. Snip or pinch off leaves as necessary for cooking use.

Creating your own indoor herb garden is a fun and easy project that will pay off when you have fresh herbs available whenever you need them. With the right herbs, containers, soil, location and watering habits in place – you will be on your way to enjoying a delicious variety of indoor grown herbs all year round.

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Our favorite herbs to grow indoors include parsley, lemon balm, mint, chives and some varieties of thyme and oregano. The broader the leaf the better they do indoors . Lemon Thyme, or Doone Valley Thyme are favorites. In general, if an herb does well in partial shade outdoors, it will do well in a sunny indoor exposure.
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Here’s how to pick: Step 1: Choose a wall where your herbs will get the best light. If you’re relying on natural light, make sure they’re near a sunny window. You can use grow lights instead, in which case make sure there is room for your grow lights as well as your garden . Step 2: Make sure your herbs have room to grow.

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