Outdoor Living Room

Outdoor Living Room: Bringing the Indoors Out

The trend towards outdoor living has led to the creation of a new trend, the outdoor living room. This trend takes the comfort and amenities of an indoor living room and brings them outside. With the proper design, an outdoor living room can become a cozy place to relax, socialize or entertain guests.

What is an Outdoor Living Room?

An outdoor living room is a space that can be designed and furnished to mimic an indoor living area but in an outdoors environment. It’s typically surrounded by landscaping or built structures that provide privacy, shade or shelter from elements like wind or rain.

Creating Your Outdoor Living Room

When designing your own outdoor living room, start by assessing your space. Consider factors such as how much natural light or shade your space gets, whether you need a structure for weather protection, and what kinds of activities you’d like to do there.

Here are some tips on how you can create your own outdoor living room:

1. Define the Space

Like any other room in your home, it helps to define the space for better function and aesthetics. You can define it using rugs, furniture placement or even by adding accent walls with vertical gardens for privacy.

2. Choose Furniture Wisely

Furniture is one of the most important factors in creating an outdoor living area that is comfortable and functional. Look for durable materials that are weather-resistant such as teak wood or aluminum frames with UV-resistant cushions.

3. Add Lighting Features

Lighting can add warmth to any space making it more inviting even when the sun goes down. To complement your outdoor setting choose lighting fixtures like string lights, chandeliers or LED candles with timers so they are maintenance-free yet add ambiance all year long.

4. Bring in Some Greenery

Adding plants like potted palms around seating areas provides natural color while creating interest without overpowering nature’s beauty.

5. Don’t Forget About Entertainment

An outdoor living room is a place to relax and socialize, so consider adding an entertainment system. This could be anything from a small Bluetooth speaker for music to a full-blown home theater system.


Creating an outdoor living room is a great way to extend your home’s livable space while enjoying the fresh air and surrounding nature. With careful planning and design, you can create an outdoor space that provides all the comforts of an indoor setting while enjoying nature’s beauty. So whether it’s for lounging or entertaining guests, creating your own outdoor living room is a great way to enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style.

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