Small Bathrooms With Showers

Small Bathrooms with Showers

Designing a small bathroom can be a challenging task, especially when you want to include a shower. While bathtubs are often seen as the solution for small bathrooms, showers are becoming increasingly popular due to their practicality and ability to save space. If you’re thinking about installing a shower in your small bathroom, we’ve got some design tips that will help you make the most out of your limited space.

Smart Storage Solutions

When designing a small bathroom with a shower, storage is crucial. Look for innovative ways to create storage space without taking up too much floor area. Built-in shelves or niches provide ample storage for toiletries, while wall-mounted cabinets and hooks can also help you maximize your space.

Walk-In Showers

If possible, consider installing a walk-in shower instead of an enclosed one with doors. A walk-in shower takes up less visual space than a traditional enclosed shower and gives the illusion of more room. Additionally, depending on the layout of your bathroom, it may be possible to create an open walk-in shower that doesn’t require any walls or enclosures at all!

Glass Shower Doors

If you do decide to install an enclosed shower, opt for glass doors over curtains or opaque walls. Glass doors allow natural light to flow through the bathroom and create the illusion of space by eliminating barriers between the shower and the rest of the room.

White Is Right

When it comes to small bathrooms with showers (and most other types of small bathrooms), white tiles and fixtures are always right. White reflects light and makes spaces feel larger than they actually are. Consider using large-format white tiles on both the walls and floors to give your bathroom a seamless look.


Mirrors are another way to make any room feel larger than it really is – including your tiny bathroom! Mirrors reflect light and create depth by giving off the perception that there’s more room than there actually is. Hang a large mirror above the sink or on the wall opposite the shower to maximize this effect.

In conclusion, small bathrooms with showers require a bit of creative thinking when it comes to design. By implementing smart storage solutions, opting for walk-in showers or glass doors, sticking to white tiles and fixtures, and incorporating mirrors wherever possible, you can make your small bathroom feel more spacious and comfortable.

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